CrimsonWhite referral promotion:  if you refer to us $40 or more of business we give you $10 back.  See SERVICES page for details.


We clean bathrooms, including the shower, bath tub, toilet, sinks, mirrors, tiled walls, and floors.

We also clean kitchens including; the stove tops; counter tops; cabinets; floors - either hardwood, tile, or stone; refrigerator, freezer, and dish washer  surfaces that are clear of magnets and other attachments

 We vacuum your carpets and dust areas up to 12 feet high. 

We  negotiate special projects like cleaning the interiors of refrigerators,  freezers, and stove interiors.

We dispose of  trash throughout the home and business.

We use your choice of four environmentally friendly cleaners: Pine-Sol, Green Works all-purpose cleaner, ECOS Plant Powered ALL PURPOSE CLEANER,  Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.


We at CrimsonWhite look forward to building relationship with you as we meet your cleaning needs.  We value you and your business.

Give us an opportunity to win your favor.

If you refer to CrimsonWhite $40 or more of business we give you $10 back!  The referral must mention that you specifically referred him or her to CrimsonWhite.  Only one referral can be cited per customer.

For example, let's say that Joe and Elaine referred Sue's Salad Bar to CrimsonWhite.  Sue's Salad Bar hires CrimsonWhite for $100 of service and tells CrimsonWhite that she was referred to CrimsonWhite by Joe.  Joe gets $10 back from CrimsonWhite and not Elaine, because Sue's Salad Bar named Joe as her reference.